Spike and Dru: Pretty Maids All In A Row

Category: - Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Reviewer: - Elizabeth Mansfield

The 2nd 'Buffy' hardcover is utterly reprehensible. Set in war-torn 1940 it chronicles the murderous activities of Spike and Drusilla. They make a deal with a demon named Skrymir so Drusilla can have a legendary necklace known as Freyja's Strand. To obtain it all they have to do is break into the Watchers Council HQ and steal a list of girls who are Slayers-in-waiting (they are in training should they be called).

So Spike and Drusilla set off to violently murder all the potential slayers which they do in heavily detailed disgusting ways. Along the way Spike and Dru indulge in their S relationship. This book is vile, Spike and Dru are written of in an admiring and worshipful manner. Sick, sick, sick!

Opposing Spike and Dru is the current slayer Sophie who has an incompetent and stupid watcher named Yanna. The watcher falls in love with Spike and is directly responsible for the slayer's sad fate. In the last few pages two new slayers show up, one of whom has what has to be the shortest slayer career ever.

The Watchers Council are portrayed as heartless morons and considering the mess they are left in by the novels end they haven't improved much by the time of Buffy, Kendra and Faith. An ancestor of Giles shows up as well as a certain villain from the episode 'Faith, Hope and Trick'. I can't recommend this book; it's offensive and overly violent. Practically every page has a detailed gory death occur on it. Plus Spike and Dru are just annoying characters. 5th season 'Buffy' episodes reveal Spike killed two slayers, one in 1900 China and the other in 1970's New York so I guess this book isn't considered canon unless seeing as the Council don't know Spike killed Sophie this means he has killed three slayers which is a bit much for such an idiot. Avoid this book.

P-Con V March 29th/30th 2008

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