The Summoned

Author: - Cameron Dokey

Category: - Angel / TV Tie-in

Reviewer: - Callisto Kennedy

After the unreadable tree-murder that was the last Angel novel 'Bruja', the book series gets back on its feet with this novel which is the last to feature Doyle.

Detective Kate (in her non-bitchy form) asks Angel, Cordelia and Doyle to help a friend of hers who believes a fire-demon cult is operating in LA. Could this be tied into the wave of serial killings that the media has nicknamed the Krispy Kritter Killings? Of course.

Meanwhile Cordelia gets a new neighbour with secrets - Terri. Now Terri is a member of the cult. Can Doyle help her past her self-obsession to help stop the cult?

A nice well-written read though Cordelia barely features. Two 'shocking twists' toward the end are nothing of the sort though if you really start thinking about them you'll see that the plot doesn't actually make a lick of sense.

Anyway Doyle is the star of this book, doing all the footwork and brooding. It is a nice swansong for him, now the book publishers will finally start giving us books with Gunn and Wesley starting with the upcoming 'Haunted'. How long will it take for them to include Fred and Conor?

This is a good book and Doyle-lovers will really like it.

P-Con V March 29th/30th 2008

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