Author: - Scott Ciencin and Scott Jolley

Category: - Angel

Reviewer: - Rox Pebble

This and 'Close to the Ground' are beyond a shadow of a doubt, the two best 'Angel' novels.

In this extremely well written book set late in Season 2, the AI gang come up against none other than Lilith -Adam's first wife. Lilith is such a powerful and deadly foe that that the gang have no option but to ally themselves with Wolfram and Hart to save the world.

But the battle takes a toil on each of them: Gunn is transformed into a demon, Wesley is captured, Cordy is horribly wounded and Angel is manipulated and mind-whammied by a dark power.

The authors get the characters right, the dialogue is spot on and the one-liners are superb. They show just how the AI gang is a family and how they pull together in the face of overwhelming evil. That is the most interesting part of the book - the AI gang as family before the gang sundered in Season 3. Also Cordy is shown as the emotional heart of the gang due to her brutal honesty and compassion, which is a stark contrast to the self-righteous snot she became in Season 3 and I'm not even mentioning the shock revelation about her in Season 4.

This is a must buy for any 'Angel' fan.

P-Con V March 29th/30th 2008

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