Queen Of The Slayers (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Author: - Nancy Holder

Category: - TV Tie In

Reviewer: - Rox Pebble

Sunnydale was only the warm-up.

"You killed Slayers? Girls?"
"Had to."

Taking up right where the final Buffy episdoe 'Chosen' left off, this novel tells us want became of Buffy and co after Sunnydale was sucked into the hellmouth.

Hundreds, maybe thousands of girls are now Slayers and Buffy wants to find and help them all. She finds herself with an ally in The Immortal and she the gang train new Slayers and prepare for war with a deadly enemy unhappy that the Sunnydale Hellmouth was destroyed.

But as Buffy longs for rest and normalcy, a new threat arrives, a rival Slayer who is recruiting an army. And this Slayer is a killer in thrall to deadly dark powers. Soon the newly minted Slayers have split into two opposing camps. One who follow Buffy, one who follow the wicked Slayer. And very soon, these two camps will go to war.

This tale takes the gang from England to Italy to Africa to South America. Relationships break and reform, old friends return, people face old ghosts, lies and secrets cloud the mission, betrayal is in the air and Slayer will kill Slayer.

An okay novel that is not the epic that it thinks it is. The villains are lame - the wicked slayer has no personality other than 'evil' and the dark powers are just boring. There is way too much Andrew in this book and no real explanation is given as to why he lies to Angel and sabotages Buffy and co's relationship with Angel and co (yes everything Andrew said to Angel in season 5 Angel was a big stinking lie).

The ending is a bit odd but leaves the door wide open for a sequel. It seems like this book was originally much longer but was crudely edited down to 337 pages. Maybe 'QOTS' should have been a trilogy. Still it is an okay read and it makes you want more (and better) post season 7 Buffy novels.

This book isn't bad, but it isn't great either. It's okay but if you are Buffy fan you'll probably want to read it.

P-Con V March 29th/30th 2008

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