Afterimage (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Author: - Pierce Askegren

Category: - TV Tie-In

Reviewer: - Rox Pebble

Set in early season 2, this tale tells of how a drive-in movie theatre reopens in Sunnydale and soon weird things are afoot in town. People are falling asleep and not waking up, mysterious figures are looming ominously and Giles has vanished. So the gang must get to the bottom of it all and save the day.

This is a well written book that relies on characterization. The in-depth look at the Scooby gang is a welcome relief from some previous Buffy books that have been nothing but 'slash, chop, witty remark, plot twist, witty remark'.


P-Con V March 29th/30th 2008

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